It starts with the basics and ends with the right equipment to do the job right. Carpets do need to be cleaned regularly and do require to be steam cleaned two times per year.

Parma Cleaning staff are experienced at cleaning carpets and upholstery experts. We are a carpet cleaning company servicing customers in the Toronto and Pittsburgh area.

Book your appointment and let them come do all the hard work for you. Carpet cleaning should be as high on your cleaning list as having a clean and sanitized bathroom. Parma Cleaning carpet cleaning services specialize in deep steam cleaning extraction, this removes more dirt and grime from your carpet as well as providing a better climate for your home by taking away any particles that may cause allergies. Dust mites are known to be everywhere in your home and the carpet is a good place for them to breed. Having your carpets cleaned professionally can help eliminate this problem.

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Our prices are competitive and our carpet cleaning service is exceptional.